What is SIGNT?

A Simple Greek New Testament. I hope it'll serve as an easy-to-use reader's version. Tap on a word to see its definition and grammar.

How do I toggle interlinear mode?

You can choose to show only Greek, or Greek with English glosses ('interlinear mode'). Just click the settings button in the top-right corner.

You can also hide the glosses for words that occur more often in the New Testament.

💡 I have an idea / feedback / I found a bug 🐞

Excellent. Please get in touch at tim@signt.app – I'd really love to hear your thoughts!

Aren't interlinears bad for learning? 🤔

I think they have their place as one tool among many. For me it lets me immerse in the language and pick up some vocab at a lower level of focus than I need when reading Greek-only.

I've also added the option to read in Greek only. This way you can be immersed in the text with the definitions and grammar only a click away.

What about [other tool]?

There are loads of great tools out there, but I couldn't find anything that quite matched my use case.

I wanted to read the Greek more often, but needed something simple with easily accessible definitions. STEP Bible is great, but for me is too full-featured to serve as a reader's version. So I decided to build this!

What Greek text does it use? 📜

I've been using the wonderful STEP Bible Data from Tyndale House.

Boring details: I started with the TAGNT, and as a first pass, filtered it to words that exist in NA (hence excluding those only in TR). This means some verses won't exist in SIGNT, hopefully in a way that matches some modern translations. I think this also may affect punctuation.

I'm sure I'll have got this wrong in places; I am not a Bible scholar. If you are and would like to help me improve this, please do get in touch.

How can I support you?

If you find SIGNT useful, you could share a link with friends. I'd love for more people to benefit from it!

My running costs are currently low, but if you're keen to support my continuing work on the site then I've set up a page where you canBuy me a coffee(so to speak).